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Open call to artists to use darkness as a material

Place: Arvika, Värmland, Sweden
Time: 2 November 2024


In Scandinavia, the world changes radically in the middle of October. The light decreases by two thirds and the whole atmosphere of life changes. Darkness becomes a place to hide in, and light becomes something very valuable. Arvika Ljus! wants to add a modern cultural event to help us through that dark time. Every year we invite 6 international and national artists to use this darkness as material. Hereby we want to present a different way of looking at darkness. As the birthplace of light, rather than its opposite or even its enemy. To befriend the darkness, instead of fearing it! Together with the local community, property owners and local businesses, we choose central and highly visible locations and infuse a small town with great art.


You can apply if you are a professional artist.

The works will be displayed in the public space of Arvika. Locations can be a blank wall or any other unexpected location, such as an empty shop window or a dark corner of the city. It is possible to apply with an existing work. If so, it should be adaptable to the location. One of the projects’ goals is to lower the threshold to contemporary art for the local community. We want to take art outside the safe zone of the gallery and the museum, so that art will be not for a few, but for everyone. The organization and the artists working together with the local community to realize the works is therefore an important part of the concept.

-Works can be in any medium, including concert or performance, but actual light should be involved.
-The role of light is an essential and integral part of your piece.
-The work is clearly visible to the audience from the street.
-If works are sculptural, they should be able to withstand (Scandinavian) outdoor conditions.
-We take care of the artwork’s basic maintenance, but the artwork itself must be able to be switched on and off automatically.

-We do not accept works that rely heavily on sound.

Before you apply please take a look at previous years’ works.

Fee: SEK 7,500 incl. VAT
Ex: Production costs depending on the project
Accommodation (under construction and inauguration)

To Apply

Please send 1-3 pictures of works and a short description of your artistic practice to:

Application period: Year round

We will announce the selected artists each year in May.
Installation period: last week of October
Exhibition period: 3 weeks in November